EZ Pay Program

The EZPay application is a timesheet and payroll management program used by contractors to automatically generate payroll based on timesheets.  The program is available in small business and enterprise editions

The application is used to store employee time sheets and to calculate payroll based on the number of hours the employee has worked.  The program also calculates payroll for salaried employees.  Reports can be run on timesheets to show data such as the number of hours worked on a particular job, or the number of hours worked by an employee in a particular time range.

We offer the Small Business Edition to companies with fewer than 50 employees.  The application is installed on a single computer but can be used by multiple users.  No more than 5 users can be running the application simultaneously.

The Enterprise Edition is required for companies with 50 or more employees.  The application will be installed on a centralized server and there is no limit to the number of simultaneous users.



Feature Small Business Enterprise
Create, update, delete employees
Create, update, delete timesheets
Calculate overtime, double time hours
Calculate hourly payroll
Calculate salaried payroll
Manage employee deductions
Calculate NIS
Calculate PAYE
Print payslips
Print Tax slips
Print NIS report
Print Deduction list
Print activity list by employee
Print activity list by job
Audit trail
Max number of simultaneous users 5 255
Export payroll data to accounts  
Export costing data to accounts  
Customized reporting