Correspondence Log

The application is currently used by organizations to log all important correspondence - letters, memos, faxes, emails, telephone calls.  The program allows the user to set tasks with reminders for a correspondence item.  Users can search the database for all correspondence on a given subject, or from a particular correspondent.  Users can also print reports on correspondence by company, subject, recipient etc.



Users of the application can perform the following tasks:

  • Create, update, delete correspondence items

  • Create, update, delete correspondents

  • Create, update, delete companies

  • Create, update, delete users

  • Secure access to the application

  • Use an audit trail to track users actions

  • Set tasks (with reminders) to be performed in response to a correspondence item.

  • Set correspondence status

  • View reports on correspondence by correspondent, recipient, company, subject, date

  • Preview the day's tasks on startup